Solo circumnavigation of the British Isles.


T​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​he goal here is to attempt the first solo circumnavigation of the British Isles by man power alone. This will be done onboard a Rannoch R15 off shore rowing boat measuring just 7 metres from bow to stern. Living onboard 24 hours a day and carrying all the provisions required for the trip, Andy will be stopping only to eat, sleep and shelter from any storms. He will not be stepping back on dry land until the challenge is over.​​ Test.

Since the first circumnavigation in 2005 by a 4-man crew there have been 16 boats that have followed the route around the British Isles. Only 4 boats have completed the challenge and none were a solo attempt like this. ​One of the toughest aspects of the challenge is not exposure to the elements, extreme endurance or crashing waves. It's that unlike an ocean crossing, where a rower will reach a point of no return, at which time it's better to continue on to the finish line, for the majority of the Round Britain Row you are in sight of shore. Making it easy to quit.

"If we don't have a go, we shall live the rest of our lives wondering if we might have made it and knowing that only fear persuaded us from the attempt"​.

- David Jonstone & John Hoare.
Puffin 1966,  First attempted Atlantic crossing .


There's lots of ways that you can get involved in the Round Britain Row. If you would like to support the row and our charities then why not have a thumb through the Wish List of supplies that are still needed. 

You can club together to buy a piece of kit or purchase a rewards package. If you'd prefer​, you can just donate to our charities.